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A Guide to Contextualised Safeguarding Practice – Contextualised Safeguarding Network (May 2021)


Attached is the link to the Contextual Safeguarding Network guide support adopting contextual safeguarding approaches to practice. 


Contextual Safeguarding Network have published a guide to support staff access the most relevant resources on the Contextual Safeguarding Network for adopting contextual approaches in practice.

The guide is organised by incremental stages from learning the basics, such as the theoretical underpinnings and principles of the framework to contributing to the growth in this area of practice by sharing your experience with the approach.
The guide makes use of the evidence-informed resources produced by the University of Bedfordshire Contextual Safeguarding programme.

Made available by the Contextualised Safeguarding Network is also a wide range of tools and resources:

  • Practice briefings – 2016 to present
  • Implementation Toolkit which tracks and publishes the developments in Hackney- Contextual Safeguarding system since 2017. The toolkit shares emerging learning, resources and tips with areas that are developing their own Contextual Safeguarding systems.
  • Audit Toolkit which guides practitioners to audit their response to peer-on-peer abuse
  • System Review Toolkit which aims to support service leaders and/or other researchers who are evaluating, or exploring, the use of Contextual Safeguarding to identify and assess an organisations/partnership- progress in implementing a Contextual Safeguarding approach