Advice and Guidance to Parents and Carers About Serious Youth Violence, Knife Crime and Gangs and Leaflet – Westminster Youth Justice Service (October 2023)


Westminster youth justice service have shared their guidance and advice booklet and short leaflet created for parents to support understanding and having positive conversations with their child around serious violence, knife crime and gangs. 


Westminster youth justice service have developed advice and guidance to parents and carers about serious youth violence, knife crime and gangs which aims to support parents/carers to have access to a glossary of facts, practical advice on how to look for signs of involvement, as well as tips on how to speak to their child and where to look for further support. 

Westminster youth justice service have also developed talking to your children about a violent incident leaflet, which aims to support parents/carers to talk to their child following public violence tragic incident within the community that may heighten feelings of fear, risk and anxiousness. 

Parents/carers are able to access the resources either on-line or are provided a physical copy but the relevant member of staff.


Organisation: Westminster youth justice service
Name: Alice Kavanagh
Email:  akavanagh@westminster.gov.uk