An Analysis of Inspection in Probation and its Impact on Practitioners, Practice and Providers – Sage Journal (September 2021)


Access to an article that analyses the impact of inspection on practitioners, practice and providers in Probation.


An analysis of inspection in probation and its impact on practitioners, practice and providers article analyses the impact of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation on practice, providers and practitioners.

The article presents data from interviews with 77 participants from across the field of probation. Overall, participants were positive about inspection and the Inspectorate. However, the data suggest that inspection places a considerable operational burden on staff and organisations and has real emotional consequences for practitioners. Staff experience case interviews as places for reflection and validation but there is less evidence of the direct impact of inspection on practice.

The article argues that inspection can monitor practice whilst also contributing to improving practice and providing staff with a way to reflect on their work, yet this balance is difficult strike.

The article is specific to the Probation service, but it may also be of interest to mangers and practitioners in the youth justice service.