AssetPlus - Planning Tools to Support Engagement with Young People

Age: 10-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • Support practitioners to engage young people effectively with their plan
  • Support practitioners to engage young people to understand their targets and increase likelihood of engaging and achieving those




AssetPlus is a new assessment and planning interventions framework developed by the YJB to replace Asset and its associated tools. AssetPlus has been designed to provide a holistic end-to-end assessment and intervention plan, allowing one record to follow a young person throughout their time in youth justice system.

With the introduction of AssetPlus there is an increased emphasis on sharing the assessment findings with young people and developing plans with them rather than for them. The young person and their parent/carer should understand the assessment and their youth justice plan, what its aims are, why they have been suggested and what success would look like.

A number of tools have therefore been adapted from existing templates used by YOTs to support discussing, creating, and agreeing plans with young people:

  • Sorting things out. To get the young person to reflect on the 5 key areas for intervention
  • What’s working in my life? To get the young person to reflect on factors affecting desistance
  • Steps out of Trouble. To get the young person to reflect on factors affecting desistance
  • The Safety & Wellbeing Ladder. To understand the young person’s view on their safety and well-being



Implementing the practice:

  • The tools should be edited, developed, illustrated, added to and personalised for individual young people and their circumstances.
  • Can use the tools to test practitioner hypothesises with the young person
  • The tools can support the practitioner to engage both the young person and their parent/carers in the process more effectively