AssetPlus Quality Assurance Tool and Crib Sheet - Warwickshire Youth Justice Service

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  • To improve the quality of assessment and planning
  • To improve how safety and wellbeing factors are both identified and managed
  • To improve how risk (all domains) factors are both identified and managed




This is a quality assurance tool for AssetPlus. It can be used by the practitioner to self-assess or be used by a peer or management to improve the content and quality of assessment and planning. It should be used in conjunction with the crib sheet that is already based on existing best practice materials produced by the YJB.

We have softened the language around judgements so it moves away from HMIP language and promotes a more coaching and supportive management style. This is in response to staff feedback and has proved to encourage a better dialogue and learning.

The application of when the tool can be used is completely down to the service. It can be applied in a blanket approach or used to target specific young people, orders, risk levels, etc. Alternatively it can be used on an ad hoc basis for dip sampling, quality assurance circles or peer reviews.




YOT: Warwickshire Youth Justice Service
Name: Tony Begley