Understanding ethnic disparity in reoffending rates in the youth justice system (April 2023)

This research was commissioned by the YJB and conducted by Traverse. The research involved statistical analysis of reoffending data from England and Wales, interviews with children from England as well as focus groups with youth justice service practitioners. The findings are published in two parts, a child and practitioners perspectives report and an analysis of…


Enhanced Case Management Evaluation (Phase two: analysis of reoffending rates) (January 2024)


This research was commissioned by the YJB and carried out by Opinion Research Services

The key aim of this study is to consider the following questions:
1. Are participants on the ECM project more or less likely to reoffend than those in the control group?
2. Is repeat reoffending lower or higher for those on the ECM project compared to the control group?
3. Is the severity of the offences committed by those who did reoffend from the ECM programme different to those in the control group?

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