Bail Support Plan Template – Camden Youth Offending Service with 6 other Services (October 2020)

Summary: Attached is a copy of the template used with children at Court when agreeing bail conditions with children. 




  • Ensure consistency around bail support plans amongst the 7 services that share Highbury Corner Court.
  • Provide the Court with enough information to be able to make informed bail decisions.



Camden, Enfield, Hammersmith & Fulham, Haringey, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster youth justice services have shared their blank template used at Court when creating a bail support plan for children.

The template was created following a meeting with Magistrates where they suggested that sometimes remand decisions were made because there was not enough contextual information about the child or the bail packages. This left the Magistrates feeling like there was little ability to ask for or consider alternative bail conditions.

The services have co-created this as part of their partnership work thought the north London disproportionality group.



Implementing the practice:

  • Case managers consider the various bail options available locally with the child when completing the bail support plan together.
  • The plan is completed during the assessment meeting with the case manager in preparation for the Court date.
  • Once the plan has been agreed and signed the child receives a copy for their records.




Youth justice service: Camden youth offending service
Name: Bea Nigolian