Staff Understanding of the Management Board - Neath and Port Talbot Youth Justice and Early Intervention Service (April 2021)

Summary:  Neath and Port Talbot Youth Justice and Early Intervention service created a paper around some of the feedback from staff and Board around each other’s roles and showcases some of the positive steps taken to overcome the lack of understanding of each other’s role.




A full inspection in October 2018 by HM Inspectorate of Probation of Western Bay Youth Justice and Early Intervention service highlighted that the Management Board and the service were disconnected, with neither the management board nor the staff team widely understanding each others role.

A joint staff and management board engagement event was held to provide an opportunity to improve links between the strategic board and operational activity. This provided an opportunity to improve understanding of each other’s roles. Alongside this activity other work included:

  • Management board agendas go to staff team meetings so they can inform what is escalated to the board.
  • Staff surveys.
  • A newsletter.

Following staff and management board engagement, the Youth Justice and Early Intervention Service the attached paper was created - staff understanding of the Management Board.

This work helped address a key recommendation of the HM Inspectorate of Probation that identified that the board needed to improve their understanding of the needs of the cohort and be closer to practice.

During a Joint Child Protection Arrangements inspection in 2021 following the original inspection of Western Bay HM Inspectorate of Probation noted the improvement in governance arrangements and sited the improved understanding between the board and the operational team as a key area of good practice.



Implementing the practice:

  • This work was carried out by the operational leadership team alongside the board.
  • Joint board and staff development days will now become an annual event and links will continue through the new established processes.




Youth justice service: Neath Port and Talbot Youth Justice and Early Intervention service 
Name: Amanda Turner