Booklet for Children in Custody – Get Out Stay Out! – South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium (May 2021)


The booklet is intended to support children in custody with their resettlement journey.


  • The booklet is for children in custody, which seeks to support the constructive resettlement process.


The Get Out Stay Out! Booklet has been created to help children and young adults who are leaving custody make a positive return to living in the community.

When populated with contact details and information relating to the relevant locality it is a guide to finding the right services, support groups, information and advice that will help make the adjustment easier and more positive.

The booklet was originally the idea of a custody experienced young person, and was designed and produced by Rotherham youth offending team working in conjunction with Rotherham Early Help and Family Support Services. The South and West Yorkshire Consortium has supported its development into template pdf and word formats which can then be populated by other Services or custody establishments anywhere in the country to be a local resource.

The booklet contains space for all relevant contacts, ideas on living independently, job searching etc as well as the opportunity to include targets and plans for the future.

Implementing the practice

  • The booklet is shared with children in custody to help support them during the resettlement process.
  • Colleagues in the adult estate are also exploring the use of the booklet with young adults.
  • Anyone who would like to receive a copy of the word document is asked to complete a release form which confirms that the cover of the Get Out Stay Out! booklet (featuring the Consortium logo) and the inside front cover and back page will be retained in the amended document and that any changes will only be made to provide bespoke local information which will be of benefit to the service users.


Youth justice service: South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium
Name: Jo Sykes