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Building on Friendships to Create Safety Podcast: Intervention for Children at Risk of Exploitation and Their Peers to Build Safety – Trauma Informed Pathfinder (March 2022)


The link to a podcast for the Contextualised Safeguarding Network concerning their group work intervention with children at risk of exploitation and their friendship group to build safety.


The Trauma Informed Pathfinder led by the East Sussex youth offending team has participated in a podcast on building friendships to create safety (March 2022) for the Contextualised Safeguarding Network.
The podcast shares an example of how relationship-based approaches can be used when working with a peer group at risk of criminal exploitation.

The trauma informed Pathfinder discussed how they brought a group of children at risk of criminal exploitation (known to the service) and their peer group together at a youth club. This way of working marked a shift from seeing friendships between children engaged in criminal or harmful activity as a source of risk to building on the strengths of those friendships within the peer group to create safety.


Organisation:East Sussex Youth Justice Service
Name:Nicola Maxwell