Maintaining Children- family and community links whilst in custody (October 2023)

Published: 02/11/2023

Summary To provide a clear framework for the process for checking family contacts for children whilst they are in a secure establishment. Description The secure estate will ask the home Youth Justice Service to undertake checks on the child- visitor and contact list. The aim of these checks is to ensure that the child does…
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Family Contact in Youth Custody: Annex to a Positive Approach to Parenting: Part II of the Independent Family Review – Children- Commissioner (March 2023)

Published: 20/07/2023

Summary The Children- Commissioner has published their report on children- access to family contact in custody and ways in which the service can strengthen and maintain healthy family ties for the children in its care. Description  The Children- Commissioner has published their family contact in youth custody: Annex to a positive approach to parenting: Part…
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Children in Custody 2021-22: An Analysis of 12-18-Year-Olds’ Perceptions of Their Experiences in Secure Training Centres and Young Offender Institutions – HM Inspectorate of Probation (January 2023)

Published: 24/02/2023

Summary: Access to the published report by HM Inspectorate of Probation concerned with children in custody 2021-2022. 
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Resettlement of Children After Custody Evidence Review – Clinks (August 2022)

Published: 01/11/2022

Clinks have published their evidence review; Resettlement of Children After Custody (August 2022). The evidence review looks at:
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Evaluation: Framework for Integrated Care (SECURE STAIRS) – Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (May 2022)

Published: 27/06/2022

Summary: Access to the evaluation of the Framework for Integrated Care, which is a framework implemented in the children and young people- secure estate which aims to improve the quality of care and outcomes for children and young people.
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Police Custody Comfort Boxes for Children – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)

Published: 19/05/2022

Summary: Suffolk County Lines Pathfinder have shared the methodology and associated resources for their comfort boxes project for children in Police custody aimed at supporting children having a better experience and increased engagement while in Police custody. Description: Suffolk County Lines Pathfinder launched a custody comfort boxes project in all custody suites across Norfolk, Suffolk,…
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Leaflet for Children: What Your Rights are as Young People in Secure Settings and Knowing What the Law is on ‘Off Rolling’ in Schools’ – South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium (January 2022)

Published: 04/05/2022

Summary Children in Adel Beck Secure Children Home, have created a leaflet highlighting the rights of all children in secure settings in regard to education placements and education, health and care plans.  Description Adel Beck Secure Children Home produced a leaflet; what your rights are as young people in secure settings and knowing what the…
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Police Custody Animations for Children: Your Rights and Entitlements in Police Custody – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)

Published: 03/05/2022

Summary: County Lines Pathfinder have shared and developed two videos to support children understand the process when entering Police custody as well as their rights.  Description: County Lines Pathfinder have shared two videos, co-created with the National County Lines Coordination Centre to better support children in custody and to streamline and modernise the information provided…
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Out of Sight: Girls in the Children and Young People- Secure Estate Report – Centre for Mental Health (October 2021)

Published: 10/03/2022

Summary: The Centre for Mental Health have published a report that looks at girls in the youth secure estate. Description: The Centre for Mental Health was commissioned to review the needs of girls in the Children and Young People Secure Estate (CYPSE). The review is informed by interviews with girls who had been in the…
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Surviving Incarceration – the pathways of looked after and non-looked after children into, through and out of custody – University of Bedfordshire (2019)

Published: 15/09/2021

Summary Links to Bedfordshire University’s literature review and full report concerning the journey of children looked after into, through and out of custody.  Description The University of Bedfordshire, in partnership with the South and West Yorkshire Consortium, and utilising the data collected by the Consortium, considered areas for further research with regard to over-representation and…
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