Child Criminal Exploitation in the South East of England: Family Experiences and Professional Responses – University of Sussex (June 2020)


A study completed by the University of Sussex concerning child criminal exploitation in the South East of England. 


The limited body of research on Child Criminal Exploitation has been primarily focused on the phenomena as it has unfolded within cities and other large urban areas. Much less is known about the experiences of children, their families, and professionals working to safeguard them in rural and coastal regions of the UK.

This study aimed to fill the gap in understanding by exploring the views and experiences of professionals, parents, and children living and working in three areas in the south east of England, so that contextually nuanced strategies might be developed to better understand and safeguard young people.

The study was conducted by the University of Sussex working in partnership with East Sussex Children- Services, who provided input into the project design and support via the recruitment of staff and parents to focus groups and interviews. Survey data were also collected from two other local authority areas.


Youth Justice Service:East Sussex 
Name:Nicola Maxwell