Child Criminal Exploitation: Safe and Effective Exit – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


County Lines Pathfinder have created a short briefing paper that brings together research and evaluation reports concerning supporting children that are criminally exploited to have a safe and effective exit from exploitation. 


It is well-documented that children who are exploited into county lines activity are at significant risk of harm. Each child and family will have their own unique experience, therefore making the ending of exploitation a complex task. There is a lack of research which identifies evidence-informed ways to stop the exploitation of children, child criminal exploitation: safe and effective exit briefing paper summarises a number of themes from over 50 research and evaluation reports, collating main practice points around;

  • Barriers that stop a child being able to exist
  • How agencies can help stop a child being exploited
  • How to work with an individual child
  • How to work with the child- network
  • How to work with the child- peer group
  • How to work with the community
  • How to work with education
  • Working with other agencies
  • Working with the system

The briefing paper aims to raise awareness for professionals new to the area of practice, provide a helpful refresher to more experienced professionals and consider the learning and reflect on current practice and individual children and families.

County Lines Pathfinder have also shared an overview and learning from their work around safe and effective exit for children.


Youth justice service:Suffolk County Council 
Name: Catherine Bennett
Email: Catherine.Bennett@suffolk.gov.uk