Child First Diversion Pathfinder (Bradford Youth Justice Service) – January 2023


The child first pathfinder, lead by Bradford youth justice service have shared a variety of resources in regard to their implementation and delivery of a child first diversion model.


The following resources have been developed by the Bradford child first diversion Pathfinder. Within this submission, you will be able to access a range of tools, materials and resources developed during the Bradford Child first Diversion model pilot. Further rollout of the model to all youth justice services in West Yorkshire, which share the same Police force and operating procedures is due to follow.

Bradford child first diversion pathfinder builds upon the existing Chance to Change pilot across West Yorkshire and the further development of a consistent diversion model for all West Yorkshire youth justice services. To this end, Bradford youth justice service have been working with key stakeholder and in particular the West Yorkshire Police.

In dealing with any offence committed by a child under the age of 18, the West Yorkshire police have a range of options:

  1. No further action which can also include voluntary support through partner organisations
  2. Community resolution
  3. Chance to Change
  4. Child First Diversion using Outcome 22
  5. Youth Caution (YC)
  6. Youth Conditional Caution (YCC)
  7. Report for Consideration of Prosecution/Summons
  8. Charge

Bradford Pathfinder has shared the following documents that support the implementation of a child first diversion model. This model aims to keep children out of the formal criminal justice system by diverting them into informal interventions, wherever suitable, that are both proportionate and effective.  

Joint decision making process, which recognises that decisions should be made jointly by partners wherever possible and that these decisions should be as informed as possible to promote positive outcomes for children and those harmed. The process further aims to ensure that children are not unnecessarily criminalised, and every opportunity is taken to divert them away.

They have also shared their child first mapping flow chart which is an overview of key decision making and outcomes for children, in a quick and accessible format.  

Chance to change

The Bradford pathfinder has built upon the existing Chance to Change pilot in Bradford to develop a robust and consistent diversion model for all West Yorkshire youth justice services. They have shared the following resources:

Child First Diversion

For those children that do not meet the criteria for Chance to Change, but are still suitable for an out of court disposal, Bradford Pathfinder have shared their child first diversion process – service allocation and assessment flowchart. The flowchart illustrates the partnership approach and process that supports the youth justice service in collaborative working. It supports transparent decisions making around all children that come into contact with the youth justice service and are eligible for an out of court disposal.

As part of the child first diversion process all children will need to participate in the triage screening tool, which supports information gathering, professional involvement and multi-agency overview of situation and need. Following the completion of the screening tool, a decision can be made on the appropriate pathway for the child.

They have also created a child first diversion quick overview flowchart for West Yorkshire Police.

Bradford have also shared their diversion screening and assessment tool, which is completed by Bradford youth justice service Youth Engagement Team-, who work collaboratively with the Police. This child first screening and assessment tool is used with and shared with the child. They have further shared their quality assurance template for out of court disposals.

Bradford Pathfinder have also shared the two following flowcharts that are intended to be used by Police colleagues:



Bradford Youth Justice Service


Philip Briggs