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Compendium of Promising Practice working with children and mental health – Collaborative Commissioning Networks (May 2021)


Access to the evaluation of a variety of programmes running across England in relation to working in partnership and commissioning between agencies in relation to clinical pathways for children. 


In response to Future in Mind, the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health was commissioned by NHS England (now NHS England and NHS Improvement) to outline a strategy for improving mental healthcare provision across England. This strategy was published in 2016, and its recommendations formed part of the NHS England Dementia and Mental Health Programme. NHS England and NHS Improvement- Collaborative Commissioning Networks project commenced in 2016 to deliver on this priority, as part of the NHS England- Children and Young People Mental Health Transformation Programme, under the Health and Justice and Specialised Commissioning Workstream.

There is a population of high risk, high harm and highly vulnerable children and young people (CYP) in England, who have complex needs across multiple domains and who need access to multiple services to meet those needs. The Collaborative Commissioning Network (CCN) project was established on the premise that these services would be most effective if the organisations commissioning them coordinated their planning activity. This would ensure that the children and young people in question receive continuity of care throughout their care pathway and do not fall through the gaps that can exist between services that are commissioned separately.  They have published an overview of those projects that were funded by the initiative, some of which include youth justice services.

The Collaborative Commissioning Network programme was one element of the Children and Young People Mental Health Transformation Workstream for NHS England and NHS Improvement Health & Justice. This work has proved vital in the development and planning for the delivery of the Framework for Integrated Care for the Community as our response to the NHS Long Term Plan commitment for children and young people with complex needs.


Organisation:NHS England and NHS Improvement – Health and Justice 
Name:Michelle Forrester