Intervention Outcomes Data Booklet - Clayfields Secure Children's Home (2016)

Summary Access to Clayfields SCH analytical tool to support measuring the effectiveness of interventions delivered to children.
Age: 12-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: Yes





  • To measure, through analysis, the effectiveness of interventions delivered with all children during their time at Clayfields secure children's home (SCH)
  • To measure reoffending rates of all children leaving Clayfields
  • To use data analysis to help inform future work




The Outcomes Data Booklet is an in-house analysis tool created to measure the effectiveness of interventions delivered to children during their time at Clayfields. It is directly linked to the in-house Assessment Packs that children are asked to complete at the beginning and end of their journey at Clayfields.

The purpose of the booklet is to keep all centre wide staff aware of the most up to date re-offending rates, analyse the effectiveness of interventions being delivered and look at future work planning. It contains all outcome data on both YJB and Welfare children which has been collected directly from the children through the Assessment Packs. YOT and Social Care teams are utilised to gain information on children that have left, in order to gain the data for the re-offending figures and welfare leavers.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The Outcomes Data Booklet is updated and produced every three months and discussed in depth at the Business SMT meetings.
  • THe Booklet is produced by the Intervention Team as this is the team that has responsibility for the data collection with the children directly. A display of the information is then kept up to date in the non-secure area for all staff to access.
  • The analysis can be broken down into minute detail and cross referenced, this supports the team to explore particularly why something has or has not been successful.




Secure Establishment: Clayfields Secure Childrens Home
Name: Lucy Evans