Restorative Panel Member Training - Youth Justice Board (November 2019)

Summary: Acess to the restorative panel member training to support youth justice services to support volunteers to carry out their roles effectivly.




The Restorative Panel Member Training (reviewed 2019) is intended to be used by youth justice services in training volunteer panel members to fulfil their role. The training was split into different categories as shown below:

Restorative Panel Member Training Manual
This training manual contains the content for delivering a restorative panels training course to community panel volunteers and yyouth justice service staff involved with Referral Order panels.

The course can be delivered in four consecutive days or scattered over several weeks or weekends. The manual has detailed instructions for every exercise and suggested timetables for designing a course tailored to meet local need.


Restorative Panel Member Training Workbook
This workbook accompanies the Restorative Panel Member training course and satisfies the Restorative Justice Council trainer’s code of practice for a minimum of four hours course reading. Reference to the workbook is made throughout the course, which contains additional information and exercises, links to film and extra reading materials to reinforce the learning from each section of the training.

The workbook contains a self-competency checklist and is designed to become a portfolio that community panel members can continue to use, update and expand, to inform their practice.


Restorative Panel Member Training PowerPoint Library
The Restorative Panel Member Training Manual is accompanied by a library of PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint is optional, and the content contained in many of the slides is incorporated in the workbook or can be written onto a flipchart. The slide library is intended to be used flexibly (and not in its entirety), or not at all.


Restorative Panel Member Training Resource Book
This Resource book accompanies the Restorative Panel Member Training Manual, and contains everything that trainers might need for delivering the training, including handouts, scenarios, laminates, evaluation forms and certificates, as well as alternative and additional exercises and games.


The short webinar, wow was it? discussion about new restorative panel member training shows Southwark youth justie service lead trainer, Southwark youth justice service trainer and a volunteer talking about the different elements of the new training.


You can also access a short video that showcases how to use the training on the YJ Insitute website.