Concordat on Children in Custody Protocol – Just for Law Kids (January 2020)

Summary: Link to the Concordat on children in custody and an interview with Just for Law Kids which looks at key requirements of the Concordat and how it works in practice. 

The Concordat on Children in Custody protocol is in place to improve understanding of the statutory duties of local authorities and police when detaining children overnight after they have been charged with a crime. The document provides a protocol on when children should be detained and how children should be transferred into local authority care when this happens.

Through the Independent Custody Visiting Association website (ICVA), users can access an interview with Jen Twite, a barrister and Head of Strategic Litigation for Just for Kids Law. In this video, ICVA- CEO Katie Kempen and Jen discuss the key requirements of the Concordat, how this works in practice and what can be improved.

Independent cutody visitors schemes in England and Wales should use this video in conjunction with the bitesize training module and checklist that ICVA has provided. Please note that the training video referenced is specifically designed for independent custody visitors and available to them.