County Lines Activity Policy Review – County Lines Pathfinder (January 2021)


Access to the policy review concerned with county lines completed by Traverse.


The county lines pathfinder commissioned Travers to undertake a policy review that examines key policy areas in England and Wales relating to County Lines activity, such as education, criminal justice and children- services.  Travers have also completed policy review: key findings and recommendations presentation slides.

The policy review identifies opportunities to maximise enablers of good practice at the national level and to expose potential barriers to effective local practice.

The purpose of this review is to enable the County Lines Pathfinder to identify national policies that may require amendment at central government level in order to enable effective local responses to County Lines activity.

In due course users will also have access to a full response to the recommendations contained within the report from the Youth Justice Board.


Youth justice service: Norfolk County Council 
Name:Holly Finlayson
Partner organisation:Traverse Ltd.
Name:Matt Heath
Email: Matt.Heath@traverse.ltd