County Lines Pathfinder Annual Report 2020-2021 – County Lines Pathfinder Project (August 2021)


The annual report from the County Lines Pathfinder summarises the aims, progress and challenges faced by the project. 


The County Lines Pathfinder 20-21 Annual Report summarises the purpose, aims, and the progress that was made up to March 2021 in developing and implementing this programme of work across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

It details the challenges encountered, the focus of the work in each county and the learning which has taken place, and shares plans for dissemination of that learning.

It additionally contains a description of work ongoing to enable a better understanding of the extent and effect of county lines exploitation across the region, and work to review existing policy.                                   

The following submissions, which are relevant to this Pathfinder can be accessed here:


Name:Holly Finlayson 
Role:County Lines Pathfinder Programme Manager