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County Lines Pathfinder Overview and Emerging Youth Justice Practice in Preventing, Identifying and Disrupting County Lines Exploitation – County Lines Pathfinder (Updated March 2023)


An overview of the work produced by the County Lines Pathfinder.


County Lines Pathfinder concluded in April 2022, it comprised 25 programme streams that looked to support children, families and practitioners to support children who are at risk or being exploited through county lines. 


Below are all the knowledge and information shared through the Pathfinder:

Group Work Programme for Young People at Emerging Risk of Exploitation, Youth Violence and Antisocial Behaviour: Transforming Lives – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Police Custody Comfort Boxes for Children – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Practitioner Cultural Competence Resource: Working with Exploited Children – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


County Lines Exploitation Peer Parent Webinar and Group Work Sessions for Parents and Caregivers – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)

Lessons learnt from Essex Lived Experience’ Workforce Development Programme County Lines Pathfinder (January 2022)


Early Intervention in Police Custody Suite Pilot – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Child Criminal Exploitation: Safe and Effective Exit – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Multiagency Mapping: Collaborative Response to County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Police Custody Animations for Children: Your Rights and Entitlements in Police Custody – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Disruption Tactics and Orders Overview and Case Studies- County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Child Criminal Exploitation: Emerging and Promising Practice Approaches Paper – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Keeping Safe: Supporting Conversations with Professionals Working with Children Experiencing Exploitation – County Lines Pathfinder (December 2021)


County Lines Activity Policy Review – County Lines Pathfinder (January 2021)


Recommended Minimum Dataset to Standardise County Lines Data Collection Practices – County Lines Pathfinder (January 2022)


Multi-Agency Child Criminal Exploitation Team Approach in Norwich: A Review – County Lines Pathfinder (August 2021)


Families Learning About Thinking Skills Online Intervention for Children- County Lines Pathfinder (Updated May 2022)


Cambridgeshire Safer Relationships for Exploited Children Team – County Lines Pathfinder (updated April 2022)

Professional Perspectives: School Exclusion, Disproportionality and Criminal Exploitation Report – County Lines Pathfinder and Listen Up (January 2022)

Child Exploitation Risk Assessment and Management Tool – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)

Criminal Exploitation Safety Planning Tool – County Lines Pathfinder (November 2022)

TRAPPED filmed and Resources: Child Criminal Exploitation Through County Lines – County Lines Pathfinder (March 2023)

The county lines pathfinder has shared an overview of the workstreams including objectives, risks, outputs as well as lessons learnt and recommendations.  As part of this overview, County Lines Pathfinder has also looked at some of the key outcomes that may support a reduction in serious youth violence and the number of children being exploited through county lines, including;

1. Improved awareness of county lines across a wide professional base

2. Improved identification of children and young people involved in, or at risk from, county lines

3. Reduced need for county lines related statutory interventions

4. Greater range of practices and approaches in place for professionals to utilise

5. Improved understanding and collaboration between sectors and agencies

6. Increasingly relevant and effective practice informed by the voice of stakeholders

7. Increased confidence in tackling county lines across a wide range of stakeholders

8. Improved practice in disrupting county lines activity

County Lines Pathfinder have also produced a graphic representation of key learning points around some of the commonalities across all the 25 workstreams and counties involved as well as a final outcome evaluation, which outlines the high-level successes, enablers, challenges, and barriers, in relation to each intended outcome of the County Lines Pathfinder. 


Organisation:Norfolk County Council
Name:Holly Finlayson