Ground Rules Hearing Form - Cambridgeshire Youth Court (2016)

Summary: This form records details of a vulnerable child's specific requirements.
Age: 10-17
Sex n/a
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  • The Ground Rules Hearing form records details of a vulnerable person’s specific requirements including input from any intermediary and therapists involved, so that reasonable adjustments can be put in place.




A Ground Rules Hearing is an additional hearing that is built in between the Case Management Hearing (when trial issues are explored and a trial date is fixed) and the trial itself. It exists to ensure that a vulnerable person, who may have communication difficulties or a learning disability, receives a fair hearing and to get the best outcome for them at the trial stage. 

The form will assist with the planning of a trial for any vulnerable defendant, victim and witnesses, particularly those who have sensory or communication difficulties including autism, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia although is not limited to these conditions.
It could also benefit vulnerable court users who are undiagnosed.  




Source Organisation: Cambridgeshire Youth Court
Name: Shakila Bukhari