COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment Reparation Project – Sutton Integrated Youth Services (June 2020)

Summary:  Sutton Integrated Youth Services has shared their reparation programme used during COVID-19, making re-usable face shield.



During COVID-19 Sutton Integrated Youth Services, have created, as part of their community reparation, a programme that allows children to create re-usable face shield from home, for the cost of around 50p per face shield.

Once completed, these are donated to care homes in the borough to enable carers to work safely during the pandemic. In order to create those links with the care homes, the reparation coordinator made contact individually using google search engine.  Once the face shield are taken from the children, they are disinfected and individually packed and then taken to the care homes by the reparation coordinator.

Implementing the practice:

  • A material box – which includes laminate sheets, shoelaces, scissors, holepunch, antibacterial wipes and individual bags. This is compiled by the reparation coordinator.
  • The children are home delivered the material box that contains all the required equipment.
  • The reparation coordinator meets the child either socially distance session or at a virtual session and they work together in creating the shields. This takes place on a weekly basis.
  • Once 10 face shields are completed, they are collected from child- doorstep at a pre-arranged day and time.
  • The idea came from a colleague at our local Foodhub, who then created the template from home.
  • Materials for the masks are ordered via the organisations stationery wholesalers.


Youth Justice Service:
Sutton Integrated Youth Services
Name: Keeley Wilcox