Anxiety and Low Mood Guidance for Children – Peterborough YOT and Cambridgeshire YOT (April 2020)

Summary: Information for children around low mood and anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic, developed by Peterborough YOT and Cambridgeshire YOT.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • Support children to start exploring what anxiety/low mood may look and feel like for them.




Seconded psychology staff at Peterborough have created the following documents and guidance for children around anxiety and low mood and COVID-19:

  • Advice and Guidance for Coping with the Anxiety of COVID-19
  • Advice and Guidance for Coping with Low mood following the lockdown of COVID-19
  • Covering letter



Implementing the practice:

The attached are discussed with children on the phone/Skype or for those children that are still being seen by the YOT, they are provided a copy.


Please note that any information that is provided to children and their families and carers should be taken only from the NHS and GOV.UK for guidance and information.  




Youth Offending Team: Peterborough YOT
Name: Victoria Lenton