COVID-19 Contingency Plans (April 2020)

Summary: Attached is Wrexham and Ealing YOTs contingency plan for COVID-19.




  • To set out the local authorities plans to deliver youth justice services during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Local Authorities have been asked by the YJB to submit contingency plans on how they will deliver youth justice services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Attached plans belong to Wrexham (Wales) and Ealing (England) youth offending teams.  The plans show case, how together with their partners and in line with Public Health Wales and Public Health England guidance will deliver youth justice service to the children, families and victims. 



Implementing the practice

  • The plans has been signed off by the Management Board.
  • The plans has been shared with staff and wider partners who are working towards the recommendations in the plan.
  • Ealing YOT's plan has been designed as a performance monitoring template, so that senior management can consider all the areas of their work.  It is planned that, this will form the basis of Ealing YOT's returning to normal template in the future.




Youth Offending Team:  Ealing Integrated Youth Service
Name: Ian Jenkins


Youth Offending Team: Wrexham Youth Justice Service
Name: Caren Jones