Free Consultation for Practitioners Working with Children that have Exhibited Sexually Harmful Behaviour – AIM Project (May 2020)

 Summary: The AIM (Assessment, Intervention, Moving On) Project is offering free consultation for anyone who has previously subscribed to their services, (until 30/06/2020) for practitioners working with children that have exhibited harmful sexual behaviour.




  • Support practitioners during COVID 19
  • Support practitioners in thinking about how best to work with parents, children and young people during COVID-19



In the letter attached below, you will find information on how to access a free one off consultation session on understanding and managing risk, where there are concerns about the sexual behaviours of children and young people from AIM Project. This service is for those YOTs who have previously subscribed to their services.

In the letter, there is also information concerning the four AIM checklists:

  1. Adolescents
  2. Children under 12 years old
  3. Adolescents with learning disabilities
  4. Children with learning disabilities

These are being made available for free until the end of June 2020. The purpose is to help put sexual behaviours in perspective and to identify those that need short interventions and those which require further assessment.