Dealing with Worry and Not Knowing During Remand – Wetherby YOI (June 2020)

Summary:   Attached is supporting discussion sheets to support child who are on Remand, specifically during COVID-19.
 Age:  15-18
 sex:  n/a
 cost:  none




  • Support positive discussions around anxiety for children on Remand, specifically during COVID-19




Wetherby Youth Offender Institution, NHS England and Novus have co-developed the attached to help support staff working with children when discussing feelings of anxiety, specifically as a result to changes to court procedures due to COVID-19.

Attached below are two versions of the same content:

  • ‘easy read’ version for the children to have in their room
  • Resettlement practitioner, Custody Support Plans Officer and other key internal stakeholders



Implementing the practice:

  • All children with remand status in Wetherby YOI have been provided a copy of the easy read version
  • Practitioners/Officers should use their version as a reference and to aid discussions with the children with remand status.




Establishment: Wetherby Youth Offender Institution
Name: Robin Dow (Youth Custody Service)