Mask Making Reparation – Hackney YOS (June 2020)

Summary:  Description of mask making reparation programme run in Hackney YOS.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: limited




  • For children to be able to complete their reparation requirements whilst staying at home safe and complying with COVID-19 restrictions.



Hackney Youth Offending Service, have started a new reparation programme making face masks, which they send to the child home in order to complete. The children receive a full kit, which includes:

  • Several pre-cut sets of fabric (as an example)
  • Sewing Needles
  • Sewing thread
  • Elastic
  • A Card pattern (so they can cut their own material)
  • A description of how to backstitch and directions for constructing the masks.

The time they spend making the masks is then deducted from their reparation requirements.  There is a small cost for the sewing thread and elastic cord. There seems to be a national shortage of appropriate elastic for the masks with online retailers unable to deliver before mid-June and haberdasheries are closed. The fabric is from offcuts and T-shirts etc. to keep the cost as low as possible.



Implementing the practice:

  • Referrals for the programme are sent to the reparation lead.
  • The reparation lead sends out the mask making kit to the child’s home.
  • Reparation lead, contacts all the children to discuss the reparation requirements and answer any questions.
  • Children are required to send photos of their completed masks with details of the recipients.
  • The masks have been donated to local food banks and local charities.




Youth offending team: Hackney youth offebding service
Name: Norman Saggers