Community Volunteering During Covid-19 – Haringey YJS (June 2020)

Summary: Details on community volunteering and reparation during COVID-19 from Haringey YJS.
Age: 15-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a




  • Support children to complete their reparation hours during COVID-19.



One of the children on a Referral Order at Haringey YJS has been able to complete their reparation hours creating food boxes and delivery food for people that are struggling during COVID-19 in their local community.

The child was able to initially volunteer making food parcels with a local mutual aid group, following which they were referred to the North London Community Consortium (NLCC). At the NLCC, the child was able to support his local community with working with the cycling delivery team, which deliver cooked food to families that are in need. They have been volunteering daily between 3-4 hours to deliver food to local families and making a positive impact on his local community during COVID-19.



Implementing the practice:

  • In this case one of the Referral Order Panel members was already a member of a mutual aid group and this made it possible for the child to access their services. There are lots of local mutual aid groups that anyone in the community can contact
  • A risk assessment was completed by the Haringey to ensure that it was appropriate and safe for the child and those working alongside them
  • Although this was set up for during the COVID-19, it is possible to run such a reparation programme at any other time.




Youth offending team: Haringey Youth Justice Service
Name: Matthew Knights
Partner organisation: North London Community Consortium (Bevali Mckenzie - Director of Operations)