Risk Assessment Guidelines for Delivery of YOS Summer Programme – Newham YOS (July 2020)

Summary: Attached is Newham YOS COVID-19 specific risk assessment guidelines to support the running of their summer programme.




  • To provide risk assessment specific to the COVID-19 context to safeguard staff, visitors and children, parents/carers health.



Newham YOS have developed a specific COVID-19 risk assessment guidelines, which they used for school holiday interventions to ensure that that their service delivery is COVID-19 compliant.

The risk assessment includes social distancing arrangements, provision of PPE, safety arrangements for the delivery of group interventions using outdoor space and virtual interventions.



Implementing the practice:

  • The assessment framework now forms a part of Newham YOS risk management processes for both virtual and face-to-face group interventions.
  • The attached guidelines is now included in all service level agreements with partner organisations.




Youth offending team: Newham YOS
Name: Michelle Edwards
Email: michelle.edwards@newham.gov.uk