Reconnection to Recovery and Resilience: A Trust wide support plan – Embark Federation (August 2020)

Summary: Embark Federation have created a Reconnection Recovery to Resilience Pathway for schools.



Embark Federation is a group of 9 schools in Derbyshire that work together. They have created, in partnership a reconnection to recovery and resilience plan for schools, in light of COVID-19.

Attached below is the webinar slides that show case the pathway that a school may take in order to support the children and parents as well as the staff working in a school through starting back at school. You will also find attached below an overview of Reconnection Recovery to Resilience Pathway through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

You may also find of interest the following video: A Recovery Curriculum Part 15: Reflections on Recovery …Reigniting Children’s Learning, hosted by Evidence for Learning.