Working with Referral Orders during COVID-19 – Lancashire YOT (October 2020)

Summary: Attached are a variety of procedures and process for volunteers a staff running Referral Order Panels during COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Support staff and volunteers to work effectively during COVID-19.



Attached below are the following word documents:

  • Referral Order Shuttle Panel - Volunteer Feedback Form (This form is designed for use during COVID-19 when a telephone panel discussion is not suitable for a child. This allows the volunteer to provide their ideas and views for the case manager to share with the child when co-producing the contract.)
  • Referral Order Panel Process for Volunteers (Initial, Review and Final) – During COVID- 19 Restrictions (this process describes the various processes that volunteers should follow and consider when running initial, review and final panels)
  • Referral Order Panel Process for Staff - During COVID-19 Restrictions (this process describes the steps taken internally to support running of panel meetings)




Youth offending team: Lancashire YOT
Name: Becky Stirzaker