Remote reparation - spreading positivity to those in need – St Helens YJS (October 2020)

Summary:  Attached are the details of two reparation programmes (recipe cards and positive letters for vulnerable members of the community) that are being run in St Helen’s YJS.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: Limited




  • Support children to be able to complete some of their reparation hours at home remotely during COVID-19



Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the children have not been able to participate in face-to-face reparation helping with food banks or at the local homelessness charity hub. Therefore St Helens YJS have created an alternative reparation programme which includes:

  • Simple recipe cards, focusing on dried/tinned foods that would likely be in a food pack for those receiving to follow, including a positive message.
  • Positive letters/drawings/pictures, which can be included in the food packs to share some positivity during this difficult time. These have also been displayed around the homelessness hub for service users to look at and read.

Attached below, are the following word documents, which provide a description for the children of what they are required to do:

  1. Recipe card ideas to be donated for emergency food packs.
  2. Ideas for writing or drawing something positive for those in need.


Implementing the practice:

  • Discussion with the case manager and reparation coordinator as to which children this activity may be/not appropriate for.
  • Reparation coordinator emails over guidance sheet to child or discusses what is required over the phone to offer extra support.
  • Materials such as coloured pens and paper are dropped off to children on the doorstep if they do not have these at home.
  • Flexible as to whether the child would prefer to write a letter or draw a picture, whether they want to type out recipe cards or handwrite.
  • Guidance sheet for writing letters of positivity (see attached) is also flexible for others across the community who may be in need of some positivity such as young carers, elderly people who may be feeling particularly isolated.
  • Children or parent/carers required to send photos or email over completed work.
  • Work is emailed over to the local homelessness charity, where the cards have been printed off and shared with service users.




Youth offebding team: St Helens YJS
Name: Paige Cubbon