Custody and COVID-19 – Working in a Trauma Informed Way – Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service (February 2021)

Summary: Nottinghamshire youth justice service has shared their method of working in a trauma informed way with children in custody during COVID-19.




It has been recognised that a key part of taking a trauma-informed approach is developing relationships through; safety, trust, choice, collaboration and empowerment.  Nottinghamshire youth justice service have produced a short infomation sheet based on the above principles in regards to working with children in custody during COVID-19.  

The information sheet looks at the following key areas:

  • Potential impacts on wellbeing
  • Supporting children that have been detained
  • Talking about and planning for resettlement (with a Covid-19 flavour)
  • Typical responses to resettlement (based on research by Beyond Custody)




Youth justice service: Nottinghamshire youth justice service
Name: Nicola Suttenwood
Email nicola.suttenwood@nottscc.gov.uk
Partner organisation NHS
Name: Samantha Clarke
Email: Samantha.Clarke@nottshc.nhs.uk