Only Connect (2016)

Only Connect was commissioned by the North East London Resettlement Consortia (NELRC) to deliver an embedded (on the wings), restorative mediation service to tackle the increased violence in custody and support young people to exit gang lifestyle.


Dedicated workers have been placed at HMPYOI Feltham and HMPYOI Cookham Wood to engage with young people whilst in their cells and on the wings.


Operating a Multi-agency Restorative Justice model they provide high quality interventions to enable young people to constructively resolve conflict; increase their motivation to access support services and ultimately exit gang lifestyle. The link workers will support young people through the gate and into the community to facilitate a sustained motivation to exit gang lifestyle.


The embedded (on the wings) programme consists of four to nine RJ sessions, including two core sessions of Identity and Gang-lifestyle and activity. The nine sessions are as follows:


1. Identity
2. Emotional Literacy
3. Consequential thinking
4. Effective Communication
5. Healthy Relationships
6. Self-esteem/Self-talk
7. Gang-lifestyle and activity
8. Community status
9. Management of Emotions


If you would like more information on this service please contact Des Morrison