Fatherhood Programme - Oakhill Secure Training Centre

Age: 13-17
Sex: Male
Cost: none




  • To learn what a baby and child needs from a parent, to learn about the impact of different parenting styles and to understand the positive and negative effects that parenting can have on a child.
  • To understand the negative effect uninvolved, unreliable, criminal, violent and/or abusive fathers can have on their children.
  • To understand the links between developing their self-control, leading a positive crime free life and being a good parent.
  • To understand the importance of having a positive relationship with any child they have's mother, whether they are a couple or separated, and to recognise that violence, verbal abuse and controlling behaviours are unacceptable.
  • To understand the process of conception, pregnancy and labour and to understand how contraception works, where to access it and how to use it.




The fatherhood programme at Oakhill Secure Training aims to develop and improve the parenting skills of young male offenders in custody who are fathers or expectant fathers and to reduce the risk of early parenthood. It intends to break the cycle of offending by young men who become fathers at a young age, many of who have lacked or had poor male role models and are at risk of repeating this cycle. It is led by a nurse who works within the healthcare department at the STC.

The programme includes a series of six to eight group work sessions which look at parenting, relationships and caring for oneself and accessing support. Sessions are discussion based and have included visits from peer young fathers from the Young Dads Collective as guest speakers. As part of the programme young fathers get to take care of an electronic baby overnight. The main target group is young fathers and expectant fathers but also young men at risk of early parenthood.



Implementing the Practice:

  • A key aspect of the intervention is the involvement of visiting young parents in the delivery of sessions. Participants are able to empathise with these young people, who are able to communicate clearly the reality of being a parent and their view that a criminal lifestyle is incompatible with being a good parent.
  • Sessions are supported by a male outreach worker from Milton Keynes Brook who is experienced in working with young men, especially around the issues of sexual health and relationships.
  • Resettlement into the community is a key aspect of the programme. The programme identifies individual issues faced by the young people and supports them in resettlement by working with the YOT to connect them with external agencies.
  • The nurse is currently in collaboration with the Young Dads Collective following up on and supporting a small group of young fathers in resettlement. This is part of a wider package, ‘Responding to Young Fathers’ which is aimed at developing Policy and Practice with Young Fathers.




Secure Establishment: Oakhill Secure Training Centre
Name: Kate Bulman
Telephone: 01908 866093
Email: kate.bulman2@uk.g4s.com