Planning for Discharge – transition tips document


The Planning for discharge – transition tips document (attached) is a helpful tool of hints, tips and strategies to try and help make the transition process less stressful for the young person. It is the product of a collaborative effort by the staff and professionals within the secure estate who have worked with the young person during their time in custody. The young person also feeds into the guide.

It is intended to be an informative guide with a holistic approach for professionals / staff/ carers / parents to use to get to know ‘what works’ and what doesn’t for that specific young person. It is designed to encourage positive relationships with the young person prior to release and helping to ensure that their individual needs continue to be met in the community.

The Aims of the Planning for discharge – transition tips document are to -

  •  Help promote positive relationship building within community placements prior to leaving custody
  •  Ease the transition back into the community post custody for both the young person and staff / carers / parents
  •  Share ‘what works’ strategies  that the custodial establishment have found to be successful for that young person in bringing about positive change
  •  Reduce the young person’s risk of re-offending and high risk behaviours in the community  by better managing risks and maintaining the positive change achieved in custody