National Interventions Directory (in Youth Offenders Institutions)

Summary: The National Interventions Directory (NID) provides an overview of interventions available across the Youth Offender Institution and Prisons estate.



Youth offending teams (YOTs) are now able to access the National Interventions Directory (NID) which is owned by the MOJ and is available on the Youth Justice Application Framework (YJAF).

The NID comprises of three spread sheets:

  1. Custody ETE
  2. Custody non ETE
  3.  Virtual Campus Content Catalogue

Each spreadsheet contains information on:

  1. Where an intervention is available
  2. Category of prison (if applicable)
  3.  Name of the intervention/programme
  4.  Aim of the programme/intervention
  5.  Pathway need being met
  6.  Gender of who can access the intervention
  7.  Region – currently being updated to reflect new prison groups
  8.  Local contact details –job title/contact number/group email


YOTs may find the NID useful when considering activities to be included in resettlement (sentence) planning for children placed in Young Offender Institutions. It may also be useful in cases where a young person is due to transfer to the Young Adult Custodial Estate and can support consideration where the young person may best be placed in.

Please note that only staff that work in a YOT are able to access the Youth Justice Application Framework (YJAF). If you have any problems accessing NID on YJAF please contact the YJB Information and Analysis Team