Enhanced Constructive Resettlement Practice Guidance – Camden YOS (March 2019)

Summary: Procedure and process for resettlement in Camden YOS
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  • Procedure was revised to reflect some of the principles of ‘constructive resettlement’
  • Procedure aims to ensure that delivery is consistent



Attached is the ‘Procedure and Process for Resettlement in Camden YOS’, its underpinning principles come from the YJB Constructive Resettlement document that highlights evidence based approach to intervention.

This document has been revised to ensure that protocols around the resettlement of detained children are being managed effectively by Camden YOS and those services supporting the resettlement plan.

The model has been developed in partnership with Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust and therefore co-creation with health partners has ensured health commitment from point of inception. The model is strategically aligned to Camden's Youth Diversion Programme in Police custody suites and therefore they also have police commitment to the approach and foundations of constructive resettlement.

Work is currently underway with Young Offender Institution to implement the approach as well with the senior Independent Reviewing Officer in Camden to embed the model in Looked After Children reviews for remanded and longer-term LAC children.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The new Enhanced Constructive Resettlement Model was launched with the whole team at a two hour co-creation session.
  • The additional staff, that will be directly working with children in Youth Detention each week, complete further training around in relational and strengths based approaches such as Family Group Conferencing and Restorative Practices.
  •  The Enhanced Constructive Resettlement Team will also have regular clinical psychology input and use group reflective supervision to ensure psychologically informed approaches to practice are fully implemented. These will include Trauma informed practice and work focused on repairing attachment to support the shift from pro-criminal to pro-social identity.
  •  Ensure partnership work with Health, Police, and other key stakeholders when creating this to support buy in and then implementation.




YOT: Camden Youth Offending Service
Name: Michael O'Connor
Email:  Michael.O'Connor@camden.gov.uk