Custody Scrutiny Panel – Derby City YOS (2019)


Derby YOS have implemented Custody Scrutiny Panels in order to provide a robust system for individual cases, as well as cases of concern to be discussed and individual needs to be met. 

Age: 10-17
Sex n/a
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  • To provide a clear robust system to ensure all children receiving a custodial sentence have equal access to resources to address assessed needs both whilst in the Custodial environment and throughout the community element of their Order.
  • To ensure that a clear resettlement plan is established within a maximum of one month of entering the custodial establishment.
  • Reduce reoffending rates of those children leaving custody and increase successful reintegration into the community.
  • Provide a platform for additional scrutiny for those children most at risk of custody and those children being released from custody.
  • Ensure effective intelligence and information sharing across the multi-agency setting.




The custody Scrutiny Panel in Derby City YOS is a multi-agency panel made up of specialist workers and stakeholders, with the core aim to give case managers the structure to discuss and present cases of concern and to ensure individual needs can be met.


Children can be referred to the panel via two strands:

  1. Resettlement: this is automatic - if they are in custody, the child will remain under the scrutiny of the Panel throughout their licence period.
  2. Risk of Custody: where the child is considered to be on the cusp of custody the panel will consider additionality to any current intervention plan.


For those children in strand one (resettlement), the panel is used to plan intervention programmes to meet individual needs. This starts in the custodial establishment following sentencing and will continue upon release for the duration of the community supervision element of the Order. The services dedicated resettlement officer plays a pivotal role in this process and offers a stringent package of support for at least the first three weeks following release. Please see attached Job Description for the Champion Role of Resettlement Officer, for further information.

For those children in strand two it provides a platform for case managers to review current intervention plans and consider any additional resources required, within a multi-professional panel framework.




YOT: Derby City Youth Offending Service
Name: Karen Chilton