Housing for Children - Roundabout and Sheffield YJS Partnership (2020)

Summary:  Sheffield YJS has a partnership with the Roundabout charity, specifically to support children coming out of custody.
Age: 16-25
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes



Sheffield Youth Justice Service have a strong partnership working partnership with a housing charity – Roundabout, which has been built over the last 16 years. Roundabout is able to provide rolling single unit accommodation, which supports to reduce associated risks with shared living, to 11 children at any one time and if they are not able to support an individual child they will take the lead in creating partnerships with organisations that can support said child.

Roundabout accommodation worker completes a further assessment specific to accommodation and support needs, on the basis of the case managers assessment. The assessment also helps to identify any relevant skills, strengths and achievements.

Following the assessment, a support plan is developed, with the child, family and other professionals which aims to support the child. The support plan can include anything from basic skills such as budgeting or life skills or more complex areas such as substance misuse or mental health.
The cost of the contract with Roundabout represents a significant saving in comparison to other placement types available to young people in Sheffield particularly those coming out of custody.

Please see attached 'overall model' document for further details on the partnership work.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The commissioning arrangements are undertaken through a competitive tender process and the whole contract is managed by the Strategic Contract and Access to   Resources Team (SCART) who are based in the Children’s Services part of the Sheffield City Councils People Services Portfolio.
  • Sheffield YJS have regular reviews with SCART and Roundabout in order to ensure that Roundabout is providing the Service in accordance with the contract.
  • Case managers use an internal referral form to refer the child to the housing officer.
  • The accommodation worker is based full time at Service.




YOT: Sheffield Youth Justice Service
Name: Andy Stirling
Email: andy.stirling@sheffield.gov.uk