Serious Youth Violence Stocktakes from Custodial Settings (December 2019)

Summary:  Examples of practice which emerged through the Serious Youth Violence Stocktakes from Custodial settings.



Members of the Evidence and Service Improvement (ESI) team, with support from the Youth Custody Service (YCS) and Youth Justice board for England and Wales (YJB), visited several sites within the Youth Secure Estate (YSE) during May and June 2019 to capture effective, promising and developing practice with a particular focus upon:

  • Effective intelligence transfer within YCS (including contracted secure estate providers), and more widely with Ministry of Justice and external stakeholders.
  • Current programmes, environment or interventions that appear successful for consideration for further evaluation.
  • Alternatives to ‘keep-apart’ behaviour management practices.
  • Practice around the resettlement of gang members in the community.


The stocktakes consisted of visits to all Youth Offender Institutions, Secure Training Centres and two Secure Children's Home during the above mentioned period.  The visits generally involved these key stakeholders;

  • Governor /Deputy Governor
  • Head of Resettlement
  • Data Analyst
  • Head of Security
  • Head of Safeguarding
  • Head of Reducing Reoffending
  • Psychologist
  • Head of Casework and Resettlement
  • Conflict Resolution Custodial Manager
  • Security Custodial Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Barnardo’s Advocacy Service
  • Other Voluntary and Community Sector organisations


Please see attached below the following examples of practice:

1. Accommodation Escalation Process – Feltham Young Offender Institution (December 2019)

2. Oakhill Secure Training Centre – Exodus Programme (December 2019)