Developmental Trauma – Close Up – Beacon House Therapeutic Services (January 2020)


Attached is the link to an article by Beacon House Therapeutic Services in relation to working with children which have experienced developmental trauma. 


Beacon House Therapeutic Services have published Developmental Trauma – Close Up. The article draws on current evidence and thinking to re-frame the ‘problems’ often seen in these children as ‘wise adaptations’ to the lessons that life has taught them. The article explains the spectrum of challenges traumatised children face, known as ‘Developmental Trauma’, and share ideas for how to help the repair of early trauma.

This article has been written for parents, carers, friends and family of children who have experienced early loss, trauma and attachment disruption. It has also been written for professionals who are working to support vulnerable children.

Beacon House Therapeutic Services, also have available a variety of resources concerned with trauma that may be of interest.