Disclosure Information Booklet – Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service (Updated January 2023)

Summary: Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service have provided the Disclosure Information Booklet that is given to all children on completion of their Orders.



  • To ensure children with criminal records are confident on if, when and how to disclose their criminal record.
  • Ensure children and parents are aware how involvement with YJS may impact their future
  • To provide children with signposting for future support



The Nottinghamshire YJS ETE team worked jointly with the charity Unlock to use their expertise in producing a comprehensive Disclosure Information Booklet, giving clear and unbiased advice on the specific laws on disclosing criminal records. 

Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service found that many of the children within the service do not understand the impact of any criminal records on their future career choices and if and when they are obliged to disclose this information.

Although the YJS education, training and employment (ETE) team support children in applications and advocate to ensure they have access to opportunities, the information may be useful to understand their rights at a later date.

All youth justice ETE Advisers have also completed comprehensive training with Unlock to enable them to provide specialist advice.


Implementing the practice:

  • Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service worked in partnership with Unlock to create the booklet.
  • The text has been approved by the SALT for appropriate language.
  • Children contributed to the design of the booklet.
  • Children within YJS with convictions receive a session to understand the obligations on disclosure and encourage them to gain confidence in moving on plans.
  • A copy of the booklet alongside discussion and complete specific information on their convictions is provided to all the children on completion of their orders.
  • Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service also offers sessions to employers and educational providers to support a positive attitude to individuals with criminal records.




Youth Justice Service: Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service
Name: Junior Wright


Partner organisation: Unlock