Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline Report – Traveller Movement (July 2022)


Access to the report published by the Traveller Movement to disrupt the school to prison pipeline. 


The Traveller Movement have published ‘Disrupting The School to Prison Pipeline: Exploring Why Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children Experience The School to Prison Pipeline and How It Can Be Interrupted’ (July 2022).

The ‘school to prison pipeline’ is a term used to describe the path from school exclusion to entry into prison.

The report considers the various pipelines (being sent out of class, detention, isolation, temporary exclusion, permanent exclusion, alternative provision, custody, prison and re-offending) and suggests that in order to break the cycle efforts must be made to interrupt the pipeline at each stage. The report suggests that early interventions must be made to help divert children away from these pathways before they become entrenched.

Although the report is not all applicable to Welsh colleagues, there are some themes as well of some learning that may be of interest.