Diversion Programme: DIVERT Youth – Lancashire Child First Pathfinder (May 2022)


Lancashire Child First Pathfinder have shared a case study of how DIVERT youth diversion programme works in practice.


DIVERT is a diversion programme helping children in Lancashire to support diverting them out of the youth justice system.

Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service wanted a community-based true Diversion offer for children who it is felt do not need specialist youth justice support.  As part of the Pathfinder founding, Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service was able to work in collaboration with DIVERT Youth to define the referral pathways from the youth justice service and deliver training to coaches around child-first principles.

The key feature of the DIVERT programme is that the support to children is not time-limited; they are able to work with children as long as is required to support the child to be diverted out of the criminal justice system and stay out.


Youth justice service:Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service
Name: Mica Aspinwall
Email: mica.aspinwall@lancashire.gov.uk