Diversion Scheme – Children First – Gloucestershire Youth Support Team (November 2021)


Attached is the Gloucestershire Youth Support Team diversion scheme, which also contains their process map and joint decision-making screen tool. 


This practice example provides a summary of the Gloucestershire Youth Support Team- (YST) Diversion Scheme, Children First, established in January 2018 to address concerns about the over-criminalisation of children in the youth justice system. The document provides details on implementation, delivery, a case example, lessons learned, practice evaluations and future development.

Gloucestershire youth support team have also shared their children’s first process map, which provides a visual explanation of the processes involved and their joint decision-making screen tool, which aims to record the information gathered as part of the screening process.


Youth offending team: Gloucestershire Youth Support Team 
Name:Hannah Clune and Andrew Smith 
Email:Hannah.clune@prospects.co.uk and Andrew.smith@prospects.co.uk