Delivering Staff Training in Local Colleges (June 2016)

 Summary: YOS staff deliver this training to college tutors and staff to increase their understanding of the needs and experiences of children in the youth justice system, challenging perception and building empathy.
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Aimed at:

  • College staff and tutors that work with children in the youth justice system.



Intended Outcomes:


  • To explore perceptions and to allay misunderstandings about what the term “Young Offender” means.
  • To improve relationships between staff working in a college and children that have offended. 
  • To enable staff working in a college to increase their understanding of the youth justice system and therefore support those students who may be in contact with it.





YOS facilitators should run the session with College staff and tutors to increase their knowledge and understanding of some of the issues that are faced and encountered by children in the YJ System. YOS facilitators should support college staff and tutors to see how children’s aspirations and performance in the classroom can be impacted by some of their circumstances. 



What Makes it Work:


  • Workshop was delivered by practitioners who had in depth knowledge of youth offending.
  • Supports better communication between Colleges and Youth Offending Services.
  • Supports better communication between Colleges and children, through increasing the College’s understanding of some of the key issues that children in the YJ System face and the potential impact on their education attachment.
  • The workshop is flexible enough that there is enough time for questions, which allows the YOS facilitators to address the issues that were important to the college staff rather than what was assumed they needed to know.



Implementing the Practice:


  • YOS facilitator(s) to have worked with young offenders and have a good understanding of their needs. 
  • For the YOS facilitator(s) to have knowledge of the information sharing process and procedures within the school/college where the training is taking place. 
  • YOS facilitator(s) should carry out an information gathering exercise at the start of the session to gain a better understanding around where misunderstandings lie and encourage participants to ask questions.
  • Provide up-to-date information and leaflet to the participants.
  • YOS facilitator(s) must be able to adapt to the needs of the group for successful delivery.
  • YOS should create positive working relationships with local schools/colleges in order run the workshop.




YOT: East Sussex Youth Offending Team
Name: Christine Puttock 
Telephone: 0132346553