Under the Radar Video - Oxfordshire YOS

Age: 13- 19
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • Support viewers to consider some of the links between education and offending



Under the Radar is a short film (approximately 5 minutes) of three young men speaking about their experiences of education from Year 9 onwards and involvement with Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service (YOS). The aim of the film is to invite viewers to consider again the link between education and offending and to raise awareness of Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service's work on Education, Training and Employment (ETE) with young people including the benefits of creative projects such as the Summer Arts College and working with volunteers who offer mentoring support with ETE.

The film can be used for various audiences. It could be shown to young people in school for them to consider the importance of staying in school and possible consequences of exclusion. It could be used with NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people for them to consider their own paths through school and current options and motivation. The film has also been used to present to other professionals/ practitioners external to the YOS to stimulate thinking and discussion about the broad ranging work of the YOS and the complex issues facing young people. The film introduces and highlights the ETE Mentoring scheme piloted by Oxfordshire YOS which recruits and trains volunteers to support young people in achieving their ETE goals.


The film can be accessed through https://vimeo.com/58744848




YOT: Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service
Name: Tim Parkhouse
Telephone: 01865 816662
Email: Tim.parkhouse@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Source Organisation: Fitzgerald Productions
Email: Lindamason4@hotmail.com  (film maker)