That Reading Thing - Wigan YOT

Age: 10 upwards
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes




  • Support young people that struggle with their reading, spelling and confidence
  • Equip young people with poor reading skills or those who lack confidence with their reading and spelling with a lifelong method for decoding words and reading confidently.



This programme is specifically written for teenagers and adults and overcomes the problem of finding a reading scheme which does not use ‘childlike language’. The scheme gives the young people to opportunity to read words in any situation rather than just memorising specific words that are frequently encountered. It also leads to success right from the very first session, for example one young man was able to spell a 3 syllable word (his home area of Wigan , Pemberton) at the end of session one. His response was “I didn’t think I could spell that”. This is a good alternative to programmes such as ‘Toe by Toe’ which is used successfully in the secure estate, but where young people only have limited contact with the Service.



Implementing Practice:

  • Wigan YOT run 1:1 sessions with young people through their Basic Skills Worker
  • The programme can be delivered by any member of staff, with excellent literacy
  • Wigan YOT feel that it is a valued tool, especially when working with young people from the Travelling community
  • Wigan feel that this is an age appropriate programme that is suitable in cases where case managers approach the Basic Skills Worker about young people who are really struggling with their reading
  • Staff need 6.5 hours of online training (usually split over 2 or 3 sessions) to be able to use the programme with young people
  • On-site training is also available




YOT: Wigan Youth Offending Team
Name: Julie Wheeler
Telephone: 01942 487100
Source Organisation: That Reading Thing
Name: Tricia Millar